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Radnorshire Arts and Crafts Foundation
Artists and M
akers working in Radnorshire


  Welcome  to 
Radnorshire Arts and Crafts Foundation

  A group of Artists and Crafts people working in Radnorshire who come together to

 promote the handmade and artisan crafts.  Inspired by the most beautiful countryside

 we reflect our appreciation for our surroundings by working in natural materials, 

drawing from traditional crafts to create something new for today.


Museum News

Although we have not been able to open as usual, we promise you we have not been idle

Much extra time has been spent on research and on restoration. We hope to be able to re

 open by appointment throughout the Summer with anew exhibition of Welsh Folk


All being well we will hopefully resume normal operation in the Summer and Autumn 

with new work in the Gallery and 

 exhibition of Costume.We have been lucky enough to acquire some

 wonderful additions to the collection, which of course means more


restoration work, however it is all very exciting! we hope to announce details soon.

Meanwhile the research continues .

But please do let us know if you would like to visit 

you can call on 01547 560936 to request an appointment. 

We will get back to you the following morning.  


Quilting and Spinning Classes 

We hope this year to be able to arrange Quilting Classes for small groups outdoors during

 the summer months  unfortunately due to the current restrictions we are limiting classes

 to small family groups or groups of friends who feel confident in each others company.

 If you wish to discuss a visit for classes or a textile study day

 please call us  on 01544 260777