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Radnorshire Arts and Crafts Foundation
Artists and M
akers working in Radnorshire


  Welcome  to 
Radnorshire Arts and Crafts Foundation

  A group of Artists and Crafts people working in Radnorshire who come together to

 promote the handmade and artisan crafts.  Inspired by the most beautiful countryside

 we reflect our appreciation for our surroundings by working in natural materials, 

drawing from traditional crafts to create something new for today.


Museum News

Plans for 2023, 

We are looking forward to spring and announcing events for the year.

And looking forward to taking the building to the next stage, in spring we will be

 holding a fundraising event to  build a loom shed for a recent addition to the family a

 Hattersly domestic, a loom used in Wales in some of the small mills to weave narrow

 loom flannels but more famously the loom used by the crofters on Harris   these are

 not power looms they are powered by foot pedals so were infinitely suited to rural

 locations without power

Our loom is not yet installed as she needs us to build a looms shed to go in, however this one is the proud property of The Queen Street Mill Museum in Lancashire.

As soon as spring starts we hope also to begin work on the Dye Garden

Meanwhile  in other parts of the building the research continues .

But please do let us know if you would like to visit 

you can call on 01547 560936 to request an appointment. 

We will get back to you the following morning.  


Quilting and Spinning Classes 

We hope this year to be able to arrange Quilting, Rug making, and Spinning and Natural dye classes for small groups outdoors during Summer months


 If you wish to discuss a visit for classes or a textile study day

 please call us  on 01544 260777