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One of the aims of the new center is to make the facilities available to all sectors of the community and to enable teachers with specific areas of expertise to put their talents to good use within the community and to provide particularly for the young and those with learning difficulties who may respond well within a creative enviroment .

We believe that it is important for children learn to express themselves through creativity, its not so much about being the best but it is about a sense of achievement , going home with something to show and being able to say I made this .

There is a great sense of pleasure to be had from making something out of nothing, making presents and toys for free, something to take home and share .

Recycled cloth toys and pretty paper garlands make perfect gifts for brothers, sisters and mothers too . 

 so pretty. kraft paper w/ old book pages + designer floral paper. || 10 FEET garland RED ROSES Paper garland wedding by LaMiaCasaSALE Paper garland, Victorian Roses AQUA, HEARTS, for wedding, party, birthday, home decoration

 creative learning can really help all kinds of children gain confidence and make happy productive friendships ,

particularly those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties who fail to meet their full potential under regular schooling conditions and who can become withdrawn or develop a distaste for learning .


we believe that by engaging in creative pursuits all children get a chance to develop another side of their character and for those with learning dificulties creative play can allow them to develop a love of learning and a great sense of wellbeing and achievement .


Special classes can be arranged for school groups 

and adapted for children with different levels of ability .


 We also love the great outdoors

Children will also enjoy the sensory garden planted with herbs and other fragrant plants , and can learn about planting and propagating .



We would also like to foster links with other outside facilities allowing for Nature Days and Forest School activities , encouraging an appreciation of the natural enviroment , creatures and their habitats .



The philosophy behind Forest School is to encourage and inspire children to explore their natural surroundings , gaining independance and appreciation , whilst  learning to asess risk and increasing independance and self esteem .


For further details please enquire about Childrens activities  .


We will also be looking for parents to volunteer to help with a regular childrens group 

please contact Rosamund on ... 01547 550155

 And why not join us in making a puppet show for the local country show in June .