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Radnorshire Arts and Crafts Foundation
Artists and M
akers working in Radnorshire


Many of our members teach with the foundation or in their own studios ,

through out the year there will be a calender of events which range from introductory

classes giving participants a chance to try new skills , and in depth and advanced

classes for  those that wish to explore a subject further .


We allso offer weekend and three day courses  ,

and for visitors wishing to visit there are no end of wonderfull places to stay and things to explore .

Please contact us for details or visit our where to stay page .


Open Workshop

we will be opening  the Old School for Hereford Art week

8th to 17th September

10.30am to 5.30pm daily

please come to visit and find out a little more about what we will be doing in the coming year,

We will also be taking bookings for any up and coming classes and you will be able to

expresss an interest in future classes 




Autumn Classes


Spinning for Beginners

learn the basics of hand spinning

4 afternoon classes to get you started 

12.30 to 4.30 

Tea , biscuits and Flece provided



 Natural Plant Dying

Classes to be anounced shortlyas workshop space becomes available.

Natural fibers deserve natural Dyes 

Simple natural processes that can be used for the dying of Yarn or Fabrics .

4 afternoon classes and a chance to join in regular dying sessions .

Dye classes usualy follow on from Spinning Classes 

         however any one wishing to take Dying Classes seperatly please enquire for available spaces .

Kantha and Boro Quilting 
4 Afternoon Classes  to learn the techniques of Indian Kantha stitching
and Japanese Boro.
Both techniques use a combination of complex and simple stitching and peicing as a
form of decorative recycling of valuable or treasured cloth .
Both Kantha and Boro lend themselves to exploring colour and texture in stitching .
 12.30 to 4.30
Knitting and Crochet 
Stitches for Beginners 
4 two hour evening Classes to introduce you to stitches and techniques .
Monday evenings 6.30 to 8.30 


An Introduction to Creative Writing


Our Resident Poet the Award Winning Rihannon Hooson

will be leading an introdutory Creative Writing Class 

A wondefull chance to discover more about the art of self expression through the writen word ,

with a chance to join up to next years writers group . 


For classes not listed above please express your interests and we will notify you as soon as the classes are scheduled.

More about classes available .....



& other interesting things to do with Wool.


Living in Radnorshire one cannot go far without realizing that there are more sheep than there are 

people. Within recent years there has been a resurgance in the rearing of rare breeds 

and an appreciation for the colours and textures of hand spun wools.

There is something very satisfing and extremely relaxing about spinning 

and once the result of ones efforts come to fruition the next step in the creative process is to knit.

crochet or weave something  equally unique as the fleece itself .


We hold spinning , knitting and weaving classes

and open days to learn more about wool 

and its creative uses .


 Learn basic skills in knitting , crochet , weaving ,

felt making , natural dying and many other associated textile crafts .


More dates and details for classes  following shortly .


Block Printing on Paper

Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios


study the beauty of simple block printing on paper

Create cards and  beautiful paper  suitable for bookbinding or many creative uses.



Patchwork and Quilting

Traditional methods 



 Eight Introdutory classes

teaching how to plot ,cut and execute the most usefull traditional hand worked techniques 

used throughout Britain and Europe.

Learning these techniques gives an excelrnt grounding for anyone wishing to develop their own paterns

wether one wants to work in a modern or traditional style 


Kantha Quilting 


Explore the techniques of Kantha quilting 

a traditional technique used allover india to create colourfull and decorative dowery peices

and as a method of recycling scarce and valuable fabricswirh beautifull textural embroidery.


Rag Rug making

Rag Rug 1 beginners class suitable for all levels




Rag Rug 2 more techniques



Felt Making 


Silk Painting 





Natural Dying

Creative stitching and cloth recycling 

there will be more classes and study groups to be added throughout the year

please help us by expressing interest , 

classes will be made available whenever we have a reasonable size group wishing to participate.