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We are pleased to announce that we have finally found a new home for our Museum and Teaching Center.
We are due to officially open in 2018 Where we will be following on from previous Pop Up Museum Events,
exploring a different aspect of the Welsh Textile Tradition each year.

The 2018  Exhibition entitled 'From Cottage Industry to Mill' charts the history of Welsh Textiles from its
 humble origins as a home based Handloom tradition, through the early years of international trade and on to
mechanisation and the introduction of power looms. This exhibition has been specifically chosen to celebrate
 the coming opening of Tŷ gwŷdd ; The loom house, where we will be holding Classes in Spinning,
Natural Plant Dying , Weaving, Quilting and other Textile related subjects.

The 2019 Exhibition 'Things of Thrift and Beauty' celebrates the Welsh Quilting tradition with addition
 to the collection of some beautiful pieces of hand work, showing the transition of the Quilt from the homespun woolens 
and whole cloths to the fancy pieced patchwork loved by the grander houses . we have also been able to add a few more cabinets this year which will house different displays throughout the year .

Summer 2020,  we will be adding to our museum collection and furthering our work on the From Cottage industry to Mill Theme there will be new exhibits and a chance to learn more about our research and restoration projects here at the School

Summer 2021, as it looks like we will be facing another year of Covid Precautions we have decided that rather than close completely we would offer visitors a chance to view by appointment.
we will be continuing with the theme of 

From Cottage Industry to Mill, with plenty of new exhibits
and a chance to look at the work we are doing in preparation for future exhibitions.

Looking forward to 2022

We are now hoping to schedule two exhibitions for 2022, 

Brethyn Cartref..Home produced cloth.
In spring Summer we will be showing a new collection of Welsh Folk costumes , 
the majority of these pieces were woven in the small rural mills throughout Wales, these were products of hand weavers often working in the home rather than in the larger industrial mills which wove on a commercial scale supplying the industrial areas and export markets. these Clothes were the true Folk Costume of the Welsh,  
the work varying subtly from weaver to weaver as they do from district to district.

In Autumn we will be showing a collection of blankets and other household Textiles
Work of the Handloom Weavers
This collection shows the amazing quality of the of work produced by the handloom weavers who worked 
and served the communities within which they lived. The majority of these weavers lived in humble village dwellings, working alongside the small rural mills who supplied and processed the yarn they wove specifically for the needs of the community, supplying them with all manner of domestic cloth including blankets although their speciality no doubt was the Carthen the best of which show the depth of skill acquired by seemingly simple country folk, no doubt as a result of long apprenticeships and many hours of Practice.

There will also be other exhibitions in the Museum Room and the Gallery throughout the year.

You will find us at

The Old School Whitton

Pen y bont Rd


 Opening Dates to be announced shortly
All Museum exhibitions are Free entry.
If you have enjoyed your Visit please Donate , this helps us to continue to put on Exhibitions