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TEACHING at No 12 High St Knighton 

We now have a wonderful Gallery and Teaching space in Knighton where  are able to hold regular classes, You can join us for a four week beginners spinning group where you will learn the basic principles, we have a good selection of spinning wheels for you to try out, and a selection of wheels equipment and materials for you buy. You can also join us for more advanced classes at a later date or pop in on an open day to get a little extra guidance.

We will also be holding a number of different classes throughout the year some of the favorites which will be regularly repeated are the different techniques of Rag Rug making and of course Knitting and Crochet.

For summer visitors  will be running Two and Three day intensive courses,  will also be able to make special bookings for Groups of a minimum of 4 persons, please email or phone  to discuss available available dates.

We are also available for talks and demonstrations Please enquire.

 We will be starting classes for 2023 with a number of open days where you can come and learn more about classes for the coming year